TVET UK response to the launch of the International Education Strategy – Global Growth and Prosperity

TVET UK attended the  launch of HM Government’s International Education Strategy – Global Growth and Prosperity with  Rt. Hon Vince Cable MP and Rt Hon David Willetts MP this morning (29th July)

Matthew Anderson, Executive Director of TVET UK welcomed the launch of the new International Education Strategy stating there was a real sense of optimism in the room at what could be achieved with government support.

Although the majority of content and talk was around Higher Education TVET UK is pleased that there was mention of vocational. David Willett’s comment about internationally recognised qualification is one of the key elements of VET export and shows that our product is understood by ministers.

In addition we welcome the launch of the new Education UK team and look forward to supporting and being supported in our efforts by this department. It is crucial that government rely on specialist organisations like TVET UK with the knowledge, understanding and proven track record in commercial trade in vocational education and training.

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UK Vocation Education Providers
UK Vocation Education Providers
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