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You may find all, or some, of the following words helpful when producing press releases and marketing information about your TVET UK activity and successes.

TVET UK enables international customers to access the UK’s leading vocational education and training providers and suppliers easily and effectively through a single point of contact.

Working with TVET UK provides access to an extensive network of members ready and able to work with customers all over the world to:

  • quality assure existing training programmes or develop bespoke or internationally recognised UK training and qualifications
  • implement best practice and policy
  • send students to the UK
  • develop in-country study programmes
  • source top quality equipment and learning material suppliers

TVET UK will works with clients to understand their situation and needs, scope out an agreed approach and identify suitable TVET UK members to ensure success.

TVET UK is the only UK organisation focussing specifically on skills training within the international arena and so uses its unique position to represent the interests of the UK vocational education sector, and lobby on its behalf.

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UK Vocation Education Providers
UK Vocation Education Providers
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