The higher education system in Croatia has undergone a comprehensive reform within the framework of the Bologna Process. The Croatian higher education system is now structured according to three cycles (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) and higher education studies in Croatia are organised according to the system of transferable credits (ECTS). Croatia has three types of higher education institutions: universities, polytechnics and colleges of applied sciences. There are currently 120 higher education institutions in Croatia comprising 10 universities (consisting of 70 faculties, art academies and schools of professional higher education), 15 polytechnics and 32 colleges of applied sciences. Most of the formal education sector is still public (and government funded), especially primary and secondary level. Private capital is more present at the tertiary level but still not significantly.

 English language is widely spoken and there are many local language schools that provide certified English language training. The opportunities for British companies in this sector would be more along the line of vocational training, life-long learning, specialized executive courses, skills and management training in public sector in particular (please note that funds for such activities from public sector scarce). With the increasing cost of studying abroad and current economic situation distance learning and on-line courses are also a good potential.

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